Vest Amager

Vest Amager is situated on the very border of Copenhagen city. The main part of Vestamager was originally a shallow sea area. In 1941 it was dammed, and a number of open ditches were constructed. By pumping, the water table was lowered to 2,40m below sea level. The area ( 6179 ha ) developed into marshland, leaving only few small fresh water lakes and small ponds. The eastern most part of the site is situated above sea level and is former communal grassland for local farmers.

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Until 1983 the entire area was under the administration of the Danish Military, and used for shooting exercises. Due to a high number of non-exploded grenades, the area was not systematic managed, and the natural succession lead to the development of marsh land, reedbed encroachment and later tree encroachment consisting of Salix spp . and Betula spp .

A special conservation declaration was declared for Vest Amager in 1990 due to the unique ornithological, botanical, scenic and recreational values. The declaration protects the landscape against any physical changes and is mainly aiming at the protection of the unique salt marsh habitat and especially protection of breeding and staging bird populations. The area is also part of a Wildlife Reserve.

Formerly Vest Amager held a high number of breeding meadow birds. Due to tree encroachment, hence habitat loss, the numbers have declined dramatically. In the 1970’es Calidris alpina schinzii amounted to 30 – 35 breeding pairs, and there were 10 breeding female Philomachus pugnax. Today Philomachus pugnax only breeds on an irregular basis and Calidris alpina schinzi has disappeared from the area as a breeding bird.

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