Mølleå-systemet/The Mill Stream System

Re- establishing a natural water flow level in the river system "Mølleå" (Mill Stream).


Effort Area Mølleåsystem is one of 11 areas in Denmark that are selected under the "Vand og Naturindsatsen" (Water and Nature effort).

The effort area covers the entire water drainage basin around Mølleåsystemet (shown in purple).

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The Mill Stream System (Mølleå-systemet) is a unique and large connected nature area close to the capital. In this area there are good opportunities for improving natural and environmental conditions, and at the same time there are significant outdoor-related and cultural environment interests connected to the area.

Within the effort area are four Natura 2000 areas (international nature protection areas).


The project "Re-establishing a natural water flow level in the river system "Mølleåen"" includes the big project "Clean water in The Mill Stream System” (“Rent vand i Mølleåsystemet”). The project proposals includes the return of extremely well cleaned wastewater from Lundtofte WWTP to Kalvemosen. From here the water will run through the existing watercourse, which will be expanded to Lake Søllerød and on to Lake Vejle. Furthermore there will be a restoration of Lake Søllerød and Lake Vejle. A project proposal was finalized in July 2009 and can be found under project publications: projektudgivelser . The needed permissions for Project "Clean water in The Mill Stream System”  are currently discussed by the concerned authorities. Roskilde Environmental Center has decided that an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) for the project will be needed. This process was started in the autumn of 2009.

At the same time Municipalities of Rudersdal and Municipalities of Lyngby Taarbæk are determining the requirements for the treated wastewater from Lundtofte WWTP. Lundtofte WWTP is currently examining how a new technology for cleaning the water can be implemented so the wastewater will be cleaned much better than today.

The European Commission has granted 50% co-financing for Project "Re-establishing a natural water flow level in The Mill Stream System".  Beside the project "Clean water in The Mill Stream System" there are several other environmental endeavours in the effort area. The total budget is approximately 35 million dkkr. In addition to this there are the municipal costs of wastewater treatment as well as a number of other environmental approaches.

Actions in Natura2000 and nature conservation and river restoration are also being planned. Detailed descriptions of the projects can be found in each project in project publications. These include among others the watercourse restoration in Hestetangs Å/Vassingsrødløbet and Dumpedalsrenden, and the nature conservation in Klevads Mose, Vaserne, Ravnholm and Farum Sorte Mose/Præstemosen.

Public meeting
A public meeting is being planned. Here it will be possible to receive information about the projects within Effort Area Mill Stream System. The meeting will be held when a general overview of the expected requirements and demands in the discharge permission and permissions in general will be acheived. The meeting will be publicly announced.

In the spring of 2007 a series of pre-studies in the effort area were made. These examinations can be found under project publications.

In the autumn of 2007 it was decided to do further work on several projects, as it is stated in the attached Fact Sheet Faktaark . Several of the projects applied for founds from LIFE-founding in the European Commission in January 2008. The applications were reviewed in June 2008 and the LIFE-project was started 1. January 2009. The application can be found under project publishing.

Reports in English:

Fuglevad Mølledam

Fuglevad Mølledam is one of the mill ponds along the lower part of Mølleåen.

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