EU-LIFE project at River Odense and Odense Fjord - REGAIN

The title of the project is "Regional Actions to Improve Nature in River Odense and Odense Fjord – REGAIN." REGAIN is a Danish nature and wetland restoration project running onFynwithin the framework of the EU LIFE Nature foundation and the Danish Action Plan for the Aquatic Environment II.

The aim of REGAIN is to contribute to obtain a favourable conservation status of the shallow inlet Odense Fjord and to improve the ecological conditions in River Odense to be able to obtain/maintain a good conservation status of Habitats Directiv Annex II species: Unio crassus, Vertiego moulinsiana, Lampetra planeri and Cobitis taenia .

Unio crassus

In relation to the Habitats Directive Annex I the overall objective is also to contribute to obtain a good conservation status of sea meadows along the shores of Odense Fjord and to restore Alkaline fens, alnus forests, petrifying springs, hydrophilous tall herb fringe community and natural eutrophic lake on River Odense riparian areas. In Odense Fjord bird species of the EU Birds Directive Annex I will benefit from the project.

The outcome of REGAIN will be an improved environmental condition of the aquatic environment in River Odense and in Odense Fjord which will support a much more diverse flora and fauna than at present.

The REGAIN project is supported financially by the EU Commission’s LIFE Nature programme and by theDanishForestand Nature Agency.

The project was originally presented and chaired byFynCounty. Due to the decommissioning of the Danish counties the project is chaired by the Danish Forest and Nature Agency from 1 st January 2007.

The time schedule of the project runs until June 2009.

You can reach a summary (in english and french ) of the REGAIN project application form in PDF format directly from this website.