Odense Pilot River Basin project - Second Phase - AgriPoM

The phase II project "Odense Pilot River Basin - pilot project for river basin management planning" has now come to an end.

The Main report and Layman's report are available in both Danish and English and may be below. You may also send an e-mail to the secretariat, Obfuscated Email .

Main report, English version
Layman's report, English version

The catchment of Odense Fjord is – together with other European catchments – selected to be a pilot area - test study - for implementation of a common strategy for the EU Water Framework Directive.

The phase I of the Odense Pilot River Basin project was carried out 2002-04 and the main product was a report on the Article 5 of the Water Framework Directive.

The second phase of the Odense Pilot River Basin project has now been initiated by a grant from the EU-Life-Environment 2005-07.

This LIFE project, entitled AgriPoM, is a new WFD related project putting focus on agricultural nutrient pressure and its impact on achieving the WFD objectives. The main objectives of the project are to demonstrate the development of a cost-effective Programme of Measures to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus losses from agricultural activities in Odense river basin to meet the WFD objectives and to prepare a Pilot River Basin Management Plan. Further more objectives are to elaborate specific input directly to the EU Strategic Steering Group and to demonstrate and make available the results for other environmental and rural development authorities and stakeholders within EU.