Odense Pilot River Basin is organized around a Steering Group (I), two external groups (VII) and a number of internal working groups (II-VI). The external groups consist respectively of a political regional advisory board (political and technical representatives from municipalities, trades and brands, local NGOs, etcetera) and a national advisory board (national authorities, national research institutions and consultants). The internal working groups are accompanied by external professionals as sparring partners.

The daily administration of the project is conducted by a secretariat consisting of Harley B. Madsen, Stig E. Pedersen, Nanna Rask and secretary Marianne Gry Hegelund.

PRB Steering Group
Regional Political Advisory Board
National Scientific Advisory Board

PRB Steering Group

-The Steering Group representatives are:

Chairman Jørgen Dan Petersen, Deputy Director

Harley Bundgaard Madsen, Head of Department

Christian Tønnesen, Head of Department

Svend Petersen, Head of Department

Flemming Monberg Mouritsen, Head of Department

Peter Østergaard, Head of Department

Stig Eggert Pedersen, Head of Section

Nanna Rask, Biologist, M.Sc.

Marianne Gry Hegelund, Secretary

The daily administration of the project is conducted by a secretariat consisting of Harley B. Madsen, Stig E. Pedersen, Nanna Rask, Ole Tyrsted Jørgensen and secretary Marianne Gry Hegelund.

Tasks of the Steering Group:

1. Prepare a general time table for the project, secure initiative, overview and coordination in relation to the decided time table.

2. Participate if necessary in established working groups

3. Give guide lines for scenario calculations and extend of economical analyses

4. Prepare public meetings and meetings in relation to external advisory boards

5. Consider means of work

6. On the basis of recommendations from working groups decide about relations concerning public participation, objectives, economical analyses, scenario calculations etcetera.

7. Responsible for the EU LIFE project

8. Reporting to the EU

Harley Bundgaard Madsen
Department of Nature and Aquatic Environment
Ørbækvej 100
5220 Odense SØ
Phone:+45 6556 1870

Regional Political Advisory Board

The representatives of the political regional advisory board come partly from local municipalities, businesses and trades, local NGOs etcetera and partly from national interest organizations. The board will follow the on going work and contribute to the project in relation to regional political issues. The County Council of Fyn has expressed the desire to have the Odense PRB-project work as close to the expected reality of the WFD. The board is expected to meet two times a year. A technical subgroup is established in 2004.

National Scientific Advisory Board

The representatives of the National Scientific Advisory Board come from national authorities, research institutions, counties and consultancies. The board follows the work of Odense PRB and contributes in relation to issues of professional or scientific character. The group will meet two times a year.

External professionals will also be accompanying the internal working groups as sparring partners; see organization chart.