Friday 30th of June 2006

Weekend 30/6 – 2/7 2006

Friday was our last working day of the first week. We did a good job from 8h00 to 15h00. Like the other days, we had a lot of breaks with pastry, coffee, tea, and chocolate. Nutella girl (Slavka) is always ready for the chocolate break.

During the morning we had the visit of one of our sponsors. The man did shake everybody’s hand, so we all got points for the "Meet the Danish game". After work, we had a beer with the craftmen in order to celebrate the departure of one of them (Torben). Everybody was tired and waiting for the week-end. On the way to the school, Slavka stopped a car and used it as a taxi with other girls in order to come back home without getting tired. It was also the perfect occasion to gain points.

Friday night each of us was exciting to meet the "friendly Danish families" they were going to eat with. At 19h00, we left the school in pairs to go to the families’ houses. Each family received two bottles of wine and a gift from our country. Some of us (Sergio J ) had the opportunity to taste the wine and get drunk with the family. Others (Juan, Slavka) needed to find a second family to get some alcohol. Nina and Per who stayed at the school had a lot of fun seeing our faces when we came back. Alicia and So young were the first to come back, Maria and Jean-Michel were the second one, and so on… Most of us wanted to go to the festival downtown and have a party. Nina and Per seemed to be tired so we left without them. But while we were dancing, the camp leaders appeared on the dance floor with the ones who had just come back from their families. They looked very happy… The "tired leaders" had played drinking games at the school. We danced until 3h00 with different kind of people around us: skinny sailors, farmer girls, old people, drunk people… There was life music and we had a lot of fun. Around 3h00, we went to the gym and many of us slept there on a big blue mattress. We were all in a funny position because each of us used the stomach of his neighbour as a pillow. Some of us were so tired or had such a good pillow that they stayed there until 6h00. Then we all finished the night sleeping in the dorm.

Saturday , we enjoyed the fact that we hadn’t to get up and slept until 12h00. After breakfast, some of us went to the beach, others to an open market and others preferred to stay in the garden. But nobody forgot that we were planning to have a party this night, so we visited the supermarket… For lunch, everyone prepared sandwiches. For dinner, Skylar, Maria and Lucia prepared a nice barbecue. After some drinks, we were ready to party again. We went downtown and danced at the same place as the night before. Everybody was happy and Skylar was very very happy J . He even made Danish friends! Marcus learned a lot of Russian words that night and we all had fun dancing on Danish music. We went to bed around 3h30 that night.

Sunday , we slept even later than Saturday, so we had the breakfast at 13h00. It was a sunny day which means the perfect weather to go to the beach and get a tan. Slavka was very excited about it and kept saying to everyone "Come on, let’s go to the beach! You have to go to the beach! It’s time to leave for the beach!" Finally we all went to the beach: we swum, we played volley-ball, we played with jelly fish (Per seems to like it a lot!), Maria became friends with a lot of them. Nina and Per bought big chocolate ice-creams for everyone (very good idea, thank you!). We came back home around 18h30 and ate pasta with chicken. After dinner, we decided that we would watch a movie. Per, Olga and Jean-Michel went to rent one. They had problems to decide which one to choose because there were: bad movies, movies from the sixties and movies in Danish… So finally we watched "Mr Holland Opus" which was good for some of us and bad for some others. The week-end was finished and we were ready for a new working week.


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