Friday 7th of July 2006

The last day of work. By now we are all very tired and it was hard to get up this morning. However we all managed knowing that today is the last day and today the hut will be done. Finally exploring the way to our work we found a nice shortcut trough the forest….we are happy to know it in the future where we have no need for it ;O)

At 2 pm there were invited guest for the big opening but before we could present our nice work we had to clean up around the hut. All the wood we didn’t use, all the bark we had been pilling off the trees, the broken willows, the extra planks, all the tolls and so on had to be collected and removed. It took us about 3-4 hours to tidy everything up.

We spend the last couple of hours before the big opening enjoying the shadow in the hut, relaxing and admiring our work. I think we all agreed that we did a good job.

Speeches had been made and one by one were the hell in front of the hut with all the workers, the sponsors, the people form the forest district, the happy volunteers and other curious people. Jean Michael and Sergio had made a nice speech and even though we had tried to convince Jean Michael to give his speech with a bad French accent he didn’t do it and it was a great speech. Trine also held a speech and we all got a “super tool” and a t-shirt with our picture and the hut on it. It was really nice.

Some more speeches and the Juan showed some of his Mexican power when he sawed the plank over together with the main sponsor and his son. Now the hut was official opened and we could all enjoy strawberries, watermelon and sausages together with beer, win and sodas. It was a happy group of people who were all happy with there had work. What a great feeling to be finished!

We all said our goodbyes and thank you to every one and started walking back to the school. While some prepared the dinner, others started packing and cleaning, and some preparing for our last evening together. Per made a great bon fire and we had a barbeque and Slavka’s chocolate cake for desert. Nina finally were allowed to present some games and we played until it was to dark to see anything outside. First we play “billy billy bob” and Sergio was horrible at pretending to be an “elephant”, while his “Elvis” is just great. Also I had never guest that Skylar would be such a hot “Marilyn Monroe”. After this game we played another one were two people have to run around all the others in a circle trying to get back to the same pot again first. This became quite a wrestling match and Marcus tackled jean Michael like a true American…no mercy. Per had another strategy and lifted So Young so she didn’t get any where but the opposite direction of where she was going. It was a lot of fun and we all laughed a lot.

Most of us stayed up late in the gym and talked most of the night. Others where smarter and went to bed early. Our two weeks were over and all that was left was to clean up after our self at the school   and leave for our next journey. It was a fun and nice last day and night to end two great weeks together here in Åbenrå. Thank you to every one!



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