Monday 3th of July 2006

We woke up early in the morning. We had breakfast and went to work walking. Because we were working only for half a day we had a good motivation. We worked only for three hours and after the lunch we flew into our minibus to go to Graasten.

In Graasten we had the honour to visit the summer castle of the Danish queen, Margeret, which is one of the few castles that are open to the public anyways, except for when the queen is there hanging around. The weather was very good when we were guided through the gardens by one of the gardeners. We had also the privilege to try the royal strawberries, the ones that the Queen planted by herself. At least the queen mother designed the garden herself, her daughter is not so much into gardening. After our strawl through the garden we had refreshment by the water sprinklers and lay down on the green lawn. Per got the really nice idea of buying ice cream. We still have a lot of money to spend in our freetime which we got from sponsors. But not everything was good news, for Maria caught an allergy when she was lying on the Queen´s lawn and catching a frog with illegal picked flowers in her hair.

After our royal trip, we went to this agricultural school, one of the most famous schools around the zone, where we were introduced into the bad smell of cows, horses and pigs, and also into the developed technology to milking the cows and growing the wheat. After having a break time accompanied with coffee, cookies and soda, we had to hit the road back to home, but we did it walking through the wild, across the plains and woods, and there everything went crazy because everyone began to speak on his own language. Mexicans and Spanish in Spanish, Korean girls in Korean, Nina and Per in Danish, and Olga and Slavka could understand a little bit each other because their languages are slavish and so on, similar. That kind of reminds us the tower of Babel.

After about an hour we got to a clear in the forest where dinner was awaiting us. Two man of the skovog natur had prepared a dinner with salad bread and deer meat. It was prepared in an open house in the woods. The house was a work camp project in 2003. After this wonderful dinner with a desert of grilled banana, whisky, sugar and wiped cream we went back to our minibus which drove us to Rugkobbel School, where everybody was set off and free to do whatever they want. Some went to the gym and the rest were already in dream land.


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