Monday 26th of June 2006

We wake up very early in the morning and after having breakfast we hit the road ready for our first official working day.
The work consists on building up a picnic hut.
We were separated in teams to divide tasks and get the work easier.

One of us started to put the roof, others make sure that the chimney was set the way it has to be set, and others more worked at the floor.
We took tools from a wagon and we all started to make a team work.

We had a little break for about 11 o clock in the morning while our Danish sponsor visited the camp, accompanied with some coffee, tea and typical Danish cake.

When all was over, we continued work and about 1:00 p.m. we stopped our tasks to take lunch, which it was delicious.
We had some chicken legs, potatoes and tomato and bean salad.
Then we were told we were doing a trip to a harbor for a Viking sail experience, aboard a bus and after an hour or less we were down in the harbour.

When we all were into the ship, the host began to tell us the history about Viking legend and some of the Danish trade and sailing backgrounds.

But, surprise!!! After rowing a little for getting the ship out of the harbour, it needed wind to make the veils work, and the wind wasn’t at all, so we returned to the harbour after a two and a half hour trip.
Besides, maybe because of the weather, everybody was like sleepy and mood. So we got back to the work camp, got ready for dinner and went to the bed to have some rest, while others got slept.
We should have done it, because the next day will be a long day.


Miljøstyrelsen har udgivet en række undervisningsmaterialer. De henvender sig til alle klassetrin, og de er gratis at downloade fra hjemmesiden.