Sunday 25th of June 2006

We woke up at 9 o’clock to the smell of breakfast. We got to know each other while eating fresh bread, coffee, and tea. After breakfast we went outside to play Danish games and to talk about what things make a good work camp. In the afternoon we took a long walk through town and to the place where we are going to be working. We met the friendly Danish people who are leading the camp, then we got to see the frame of the hut.

The Danish people brought us pastries and hot drinks, which we enjoyed despite the hot weather. The group wandered through the woods, playing games along the way. Each game was supposed to teach us to think and work like a group. The final team building exercise was working together to made a big meal with fish, potatoes, vegetables, chocolate covered strawberries. We spent the night eating and talking around a bonfire before taking the long walk back to the school. Half of the group went to bed early because we have to start work early, and the other half went into the gym to play games until we were tired enough to go to bed.


Miljøstyrelsen har udgivet en række undervisningsmaterialer. De henvender sig til alle klassetrin, og de er gratis at downloade fra hjemmesiden.