Thursday 29th of June 2006

This day started out with a lot of eager people waking up to sunshine, a half a days work, a trip to Danfoss Universe and a nice and relaxing dinner at the forest district leader: Inge.

At work we were very efficient. We started to put up the floor boards and finished putting up the roof boards. Hurray, we can see that we are getting somewhere and the house is starting to look like a real house. And it looks good too.

We had a really early lunch; where we tried the special carrot bread in nice sandwiches. The reason for the early lunch was because we were going to the amusement park Danfoss Universe on a small island called Als.

This is a special park where you can learn a lot about the principals of science and you can have a direct experience with the amusements put up for us to learn about nature and science. Otherwise it was great because we were off work and could play around the park or relax; and it was so fun that we needed more time to get around the entire park.

Afterwards we went to the city Sønderborg near by. Here we had time for shopping, having ice cream or relax by the water front. Nina showed us where she went to by pizza when she was a student and visited this town where she has some friends.

When we arrived at Inges place she severed us Danish summer drinks and chips and we relaxed in the grass for a while. So nice to be spoiled joust for one day. By the time we had relaxed a bit; we were introduced to a game that will last for the whole next week. The game is called: "Meet the Danes"! her you will get points when you say mojn (local language for Hello and Goodbye), shake hands, get inside a Danish home and have tee or coffee, walk the dog and a lot of other funny things. Next Saturday the winner will get a price.

Inge had started the grill and we were to prepare the food just how we liked it. She also served us beer while our leaders were acting funny on the lawn by playing other games trying to make us participate; but we like beer better… the dinner was so good, with a lot of good salad and deer meet that Inge shot herself. We finished the meal with desert; an apple cake with tea and coffee.

At home we collected the points we already got at Inges and we will get a lot more tomorrow when we go to a Danish family dinner.

We went to bed happy and full from the nice meal we had; and tired from all the activities this day.

So Young & Per


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