Thursday 6th of July 2006

One more hard day’s work at the hut. Because of setting all ready for the opening ceremony on

Friday, we did a quick job. Early in the morning, Egon, Marcus and us (Juan and Sergio) went to cut some willows that were needed to finish one side of the walls. Others more stayed peeling off the willows and some others got out to get a little more grass for the roof. The hut was now covering a very good look (from the distance). I mean, after two weeks of working on it, it would be a shame that it weren’t.

For lunch, Juan prepared a Mexican meal: Meat tacos with black beans, hot chilli sauce and salad. It was not as delicious as the way tacos used to be in Mexico but for Denmark it was ok (besides, not everyone can bear hot spicy taste in their tongue). After that, we continued working, we went on another trip for grass and then we got enough for set the roof finished. We were now so dirty and if we’d try to guess who was the dirtiest of all, it wouldn’t be easy ´cause we Mexican people are dark skin. But Skylar, who turns from red to white, the dirt was really printed to his skin. We got to take a shower, maybe. On the way back to the hut, we bought some beers to cheer and celebrate that the work was almost, almost done. There were beers and sodas, for whatever the people wanted to drink. Sat down, having a thoughtful moment, we fell down to feel really proud of our work.

When the time came to go back to home, some of us rode the bikes quickly because we were doing shopping at Downtown and had a date for dinner with some great Danish local family who are our friends (Ulla and Kim). The rest had a little break time before dinner (which it was pasta) and after that, they made a few nice greeting cards for the craftsmen and our hosts and sponsors. After all, they settled all things to be in a correct way for us.

That was our day.

- Juan and Sergio -


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