Tuesday 27th. of June 2006

We woke up to the smell of fresh made pancakes…how great! Sergio, Slavka and Keong Sun (Mexico, Slovakia and Korea) had been busy in the kitchen making us the wonderful breakfast. By now we know the way to work (half an hour walk) so if we are not quite awake yet we can sleep walk on the way, except for the poor food carriers who get tired even before the work starts. (yes it was us today! ;o(

The work today consisted of putting planks together to make the roof, painting wood, making wooden nails, cutting logs in order to make a frame for the floor. When the frame for the floor done we will put planks and it will become a high level floor, where people are supposed to sleep. Slavka and Olga got nice muscles sawing all day long. Juan was always there to sing us a song if we got tired…he got the latin rhythm (and a nice moustache.) Not only does Juan have these skills…he can also cook, for lunch we got Mexican tortillas with beans…mmm.

In our group we like food, in fact we can eat all the time.(it must be all the hard work) 3 hours later we had dinner at the school where we live. We needed to be full before going kayaking.

The plan was to sail around a small island, but some people drifted off and had to paddle back before starting the tour. In each boat we had to be two people. We had an American boat attacking all the other boats, a Mexican one singing to cheer all the boats that had just been attacked, a sleeping Espaniola, a boat singing lullabies and so on. By the end we all had bigger muscles and wet clothes.

Getting home we were all starving and rushed to the kitchen. While Nina and Per (the camp leaders) were busy everyone opened all he cupboards and took chocolates, pancakes, breads and the food for tomorrow. There were a good atmosphere while this plundering took place…always nice with some team spirit…arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhh…there are Vikings in our group after all.

- Jean-Michel and Nina


Miljøstyrelsen har udgivet en række undervisningsmaterialer. De henvender sig til alle klassetrin, og de er gratis at downloade fra hjemmesiden.