Tuesday 4th of July

Per’s Birthday….how jolly good. Monday evening we have all decorated the table cloth (made for paper) with lots of colours, flags, birthday wishes and so on. Per didn’t know so he was quite excited for breakfast. Here we also handed him some gifts…"Postmand Per" DVDs…he got SO happy (hmmmm…or maybe not since is a TVshow for kids and the only reason why he got it was because Per and the postman share the same name)

Work was hard Tuesday. We were like busy bees. Most of the group went to get grass for the roof. It’s hard work to collect the pieces of soil and put it on the trailers. That work needed a lot of strength, so we were getting strong.

The rest of the group was working with all the willows. That can we say about today…work work work and more work. We finished at 3.30 pm. then some people went to pick strawberries on a field close to where we work.

In the evening people were relaxing some went to the beach, others learned some Russian, and others sang birthday songs in different languages… fx. "sangil chukahamnida" is Korean. (Melody is happy birthday to you…yes, try!)

The highlight of the evening was a chocolate cake with strawberries and ice cream. Slavka and So Young’s hard work was very much appreciated by every one. Once again we made a bon fire and small talked about the day. All the hard work made us tired and we went to bed while the Mexican were watching football down town


Miljøstyrelsen har udgivet en række undervisningsmaterialer. De henvender sig til alle klassetrin, og de er gratis at downloade fra hjemmesiden.