Wednesday 28th of June 2006

Jobs at the hut

In the morning Preben said that we have to finish the roof. So we cheered ourselves and started the work. Some people were on the roof, others were working on the floor and sawing. We separated the work to work more efficiently. The sun was shining and fortunately it wasn’t raining, so the weather made our work easier. Nina and Alicia made very delicious sandwiches for lunching. After lunch we continued the work. Our muscles are getting stronger day by day. We finished the work at half past three and started at eight o clock.

Willow trip to Arnum

This Wednesday we (Maria, Marcus, Skylar, Olga and Lucia with Egon) went to chop willow branches in one of the state forests. We will weave boards of them on the sides of the hut. The drive to Arnum took one hour. Because of the hard work and the early waking time we fell in sleep in the car. In Gram we had to buy our lunch. By now we know that prices in Denmark are very high so we were shopping carefully in order to get enough food for little money. We saw all kinds of breads in the shop we didn’t know and we chose a bread with orange spots. Egon told us later that is was carrot bread, a Danish speciality. He had seen the people in the shop laughing about our choice. We can understand that it is fun to see foreigners with carrot bread, but we have to tell the Danish that it really is serious tasty bread! Now we had to find the forest. We went off road and found another place of the state forest organisation. The willows were growing in a nature reserve near a little river. They were very natural so they weren’t very straight, but we picked out what we needed. We used several chopping instruments to cut them down. Then we removed the little branches on the side to prepare them for the journey home. It was a lot of work, but we enjoyed it very much and we had a good time together with Egon who drove us back, us sleeping again.

International free time

After our hard work we walked back to our home in Rugkobbel School. In the afternoon we had free time, so people were taking a rest, playing basketball, shopping, biking to the beach, our just relaxing. The cooking team didn’t have much time because they were to prepare dinner. This day we had a Korean cooking team which meant we ate Bulgogi. We can assure you that Bugogi is very nice and Nina liked it so much she will look in all Asian shops to find the special sauce. Because of our free time our spirit got into a very good mood. Creative ideas were born and because of Olga’s birthday (19). Nina made a cake with wiped cream and berries, she is like a professional baker so the cake looked like we bought it in the bakery. Our Spanish girl Maria got the spirit to, so she produced litters of sangria. We drank the sangria after a toast with Mexican tequila. We had a bonfire with all the delicious food and drink and had a really good time! We hope Olga had a very nice birthday far away from her Russian family.

By Keong-Sun and Lucia


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