Wednesday 5th of July 2006

Today we were not working so we could sleep half an hour more than we normally do.    The bus came to pick us up at 8 o’clock right next to school so no walking today! We were going on a trip to Rømø with Martin who is one of the people working in the forest district.

The trip to Rømø was one hour in bus, but we were not board because Per could show us all the useful things on the way. He use to live in a small town, Løgum Kloster and now we know many things like were we should go next winter for ice sliding - “The worlds best ice sliding hill” if you ask Per.

On Rømø Martin took us to see two bunkers from second world war. One bunker was big the other one was smaller. Both had living room, storeroom, and rooms for sleeping. Now 60 years after the war there are no electricity and no heat so it was very dark and very cold. In the second bunker there were paintings on the walls which had been made by people who use to life in that bunker. Martin told us about the German soldiers whom had been living there. They had made there own beer from the sugar they should have used for marmalade…but unfortunately there was no more beer left for the very thirsty international group.

The weather was very hot and the humidity in Denmark is very high, so when we got out of the cold bunkers we were overwhelmed by the heat. However we were getting hotter, because we went base jumping (hmmm…You jump on  a trampoline  connected to a big wire and you can jump very very high) Lucia could have jumped for hours and Per could have practices his turn in the air for hours with out no result;O) Normally a grown up person can jump for about four minutes before getting tried.  We jumped like crazy and we had fun!

We got on the bus and drove to the beach and had our lunch on small sandy hills with a view over the ocean and the German tourists. The beach is very wide and the bus could easily get stuck in the sand, but we managed to get to the coastline with only time enough to put our feet in the water and return to the bus.

We had all been looking forward to the seal safari, but unfortunately we did not see much. The seals were there but fare away. There was no wind and it was very hot! We sailed for two hours and we even went to a small German island.

Returning to Rømø it got cloudier and we were happy to go to the Wadden sea to collect oysters in the sand. We had mud to our knees and a bucket of oysters after half and hour. We were so excited to eat our fresh oysters that we got really disappointed when our bus got stuck in the sand. Everyone had to get out and push it back on the road…after 3 tries we were ready to go.

The oysters were still alive and it took some guts to eat them. Keong Sun could have eaten all of them and Maria would rather have walked all the way home then to try to eat her new friends. After this royal meal we had coffee, cake and chips.

After a long day in the sun we could relax and enjoy a Danish dinner “ frikadeller, kartoffelsalat, og flødekartofler” (meatballs, cold potato salad and hot potatoes in cream sauce) Skylar ate so much that we were afraid his stomach would break.

The last hours of the day was made for planning Friday’s program and just relaxing in our sleeping room.

So Young and Nina


Miljøstyrelsen har udgivet en række undervisningsmaterialer. De henvender sig til alle klassetrin, og de er gratis at downloade fra hjemmesiden.